Friday, February 03, 2012

46 in 46 - Day 1

What is this all about you ask?   I read about this idea on my friend Martha Brown's blog.   She calls it 29 in 29.  She's taking the month of February to purge 29 bags (size of your choosing) and number them with the date that you are starting, until you run out. Then each day fill a bag, and get it out of the house. Could be garbage, recycling, donations to a thrift shop. whatever it takes, as long as it leaves the house!

My 46 in 46 is named so, to mark my 46 years and some purging will tie in with Item # 17 of my 46 things to do before turning 47 - Purging and downsizing.  I'll be using shopping bags from grocery stores (it will vary in size) and maybe bankers boxes.   I'm sure that at least one ( likely more than one) of these bags will have scrapbook pages; papers, cd cases....etc. If you are in Toronto, keep checking my blog --  like Martha, I'll have some assemblage materials available to give away! First people to ask for them, get them :)

My plan is to fill the bags to it's capacity and I'll be just numbering them Day 1 / Day 2...etc. since I started today.  My goal is to get them out of the house by March 31st at the latest, since I'll be out of town for some of the days in Feb (for work) and in March.   It's too bad I didn't see Martha's blog entry earlier, as I just dropped off some of Aidan's toys at Goodwill last night.

Day 1 is a stash of Aidan's toys that he has outgrown and it's going to the March Madness event at school.


martha brown said...

Good luck, Marissa! I've done 5 bags and a big carton. Next up: sorting magazines. Although I can't seem to part with any Somerset ones yet :)

MarissaDW said...

Thanks, Martha! It looks like you're doing a good job yourself. I know what you mean by Somerset magazines. I still have some stack of magazines, too. Good luck with your purging!