Monday, March 19, 2012


Day 19 of Photo A Day

I struggled with this one, trying to capture something funny.   But I found a photo taken a few weeks ago of my son and nephew.  "Monkey See,  Monkey Do".

French Word of The Day
Drole (adj): funny
Feindre (v): to pretend

J'ai pensé que cette photo était drôle avec Aidan et Jason feignant pour être des oiseaux.


Irene said...

I can't hear your accent but you are getting very good. Your little monkeys are cute and Funny.

andrés J.S. Decepida said...

Remember the last time I was there and my li’l ol’ nephew was play-acting à la “Law and Order” (cop and judge – with his cardboard gavel)?

Well, I had to ask him where he got the idea for the backstory. Do you know how he responded?

He tapped his own forehead twice with his right forefinger. Hmm...