Friday, March 16, 2012


Day 16 of Photo A Day - Aidan's reflection on the sunglasses.

French Word of the Day
lunettes de soleil (f). - sunglasses

La réflexion d'Aidan sur les lunettes de soleil.


VaishVijay said...

Reflections are always fascinating. I like this perspective, where you've captured the subject's reflection (I meant the image holding a mirror) itself on the sunglasses!

andrés J.S. Decepida said...
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MarissaDW said...

VaishVijay...Thanks! for the comment. Just fooling around with the photo of the day.

Andy....No I wasn't driving when I took the photo. We were actually waiting for Wallace to come back from picking up the laundry and I was a passenger for a change. (-:

andrés J.S. Decepida said...

My bad... I guess it was a combination of vision parallax and low intelligence... I thought it was from the driver's seat. Now that I looked at it again, it was from the passenger-side seat over your left shoulder. Sorry for being alarmist with my 2 brain cells sis.

martha brown said...

This is a great shot! I was totally at a loss for that prompt. Off now to make something green!

Sam Times said...

I agree with Martha that it really is a great shot. So that's what sunglasses is called in French, huh? Somehow it does have a nice ring to it.