Friday, April 13, 2012

Five Fave Fridays - What Freaks You Out

I'm missing the Five Fave Fridays by Martha, so I'm doing one of my own for Friday the 13th:

  1. Snakes (Imagine my horror when Aidan started taking photos with my iPhone of snakes).
  2. Exorcist
  3. Salems Lot
  4. Getting phone calls in the morning or late at night... I always think it's a bad news.
  5. Walking on those subway metal grates.  (Catch me I'm falling).


andrés J.S. Decepida said...

Um, unless my memory is failing – a distinct possibility – it’s not just subway grates, sis. Wasn’t there a wave of abject fear that coursed through you when we walked on the platform overlooking the Cinesphere at Ontario Place decades ago?

Irene said...

Yup all that would freak me out too.

Brenda said...

I respect snakes, a lot! Numbers 2 through 4, I'm totally with you.

andrés J.S. Decepida said...

Well, Marissa, at least – with the exception of “Salem’s Lot” – they’re all adaptive phobias/fears. :D

martha brown said...

I miss them too! I am so busy -- I barely have time for my teaching blog!
Worms freak me out. I'm fine with snakes though.

MarissaDW said...

It's hard to think of Five Fave Fridays. I don't know how you did it. I'll probably post FFF once in awhile.