Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brenda's Photo Challenge: My America

It's Brenda's Photo Challenge and the theme is My America. I'm a Canadian but I went down to the States a couple of times this year to visit family and sightsee.    Lots of photos to select from but this is My America based on my visit in 2012.

My America - People's Passion (Music and Art)
My America - Places I've Visited in 2012 (from left clockwise): Harvard University, Griffith Observatory, Busy Streets of Manhattan and Tranquility at the Beach and Happenings at Santa Monica Pier.
This is home in NJ when I visit my brother.
My in-laws and hubby waiting around for the kids  before leaving for the airport


Melinda donLuekin said...

Oh my gosh you managed to include photos of all my favorite places. I love Canada as well and it is considered part of the Americas is it not. What are your favorite spots in your ginormous homeland?

Jeanette said...

Wow! From Manhattan t the Santa Monica Pier! You visited from sea to shining sea! Very nice!

Donna said...

Thanks for joining in on the America love! I adore Canada too and will be visiting again in November. We're going to do a repeat trip to Churchill to see the delightful polar bears!

Sally said...

Great photo's!

I hope to visit Canada one day. :)

Brenda said...

Great post and wonderful photos! Canada is part of North America so photos taken in Canada would have worked well too. Thank you so much for joining us!