Saturday, January 12, 2013

20 Ordinary Things to Do in 2013

These are my 20 Ordinary Things to Do in 2013....something I came across from Chantelle's website "Fat Mum Slim"
  1. Improve my Well Being by exercising well, eating well and sleeping well. To lose the 10 lbs.; continue to exercise and get a good 7-8 hours of sleep (which I've been accomplishing in the last three months).
  2. Get Creative by creating something every month. Focus on a project each month, using my existing art supplies.
  3. Try a New RecipeLots of recipe books collecting dusts, so each week, I strive to pick a new recipe from my recipe books, try it and post it on MDW's Kitchen.
  4. Read a Book. Joined What's in the Name? and will continue to read the Kathy Reich's books, to catch up with the series.
  5. Put aside $3/ a day....
    for a rainy day or investment.  
  6. Improve my Spending Habits. This means less spending on Art supplies and magazines (heaven knows I have a storage full of supplies) in the basement. (ie. Participated in the 2nd hand sale at bizzy B, where I get a store credit; really use all my art supplies before buying anything new; borrow books from the library, so I'm not buying books and magazine; trade or exchange books with friends.
  7. Invite friends or neighbours over for coffee or dinner.    
  8. Set up a Girls Night Out or Game Night.  If we can setup a play day for our kids, we should be able to setup a night out with your friends.
  9. Go on more Dates with hubby.
  10. Go Swimming.  There's a pool at my fitness centre and haven't used it since I've joined.  What's up with that?  
  11. Grow a herb garden in the winter.  My favourite herbs are basil, chives and cilantro.
  12. Turn up the music.  Video games and kids asking for something seem to be the sound that's always in the foreground.
  13. Declutter.  
  14. Photo A Day.  Join Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day to reflect your on my blog daily.
  15. Plan a Holiday. Everyone has gone or going to Paris.  Would love to plan a trip...which includes a stop in Paris.  But any holiday would be great....
  16. Make Homemade snacks.  Getting into the habit of buying "Bear Paws" for snacks...easy way I guess.
  17. Share Words of Inspiration.  I have a calendar that a friend gave me, I'll be blogging some Words of Inspiration on my blog.
  18. Learn Piano. My son has all these piano books, I'm going to practice 20 mins. a day.
  19. Use the Rosetta Stone.  Signed up for Rosetta Stone at work, should spend at least 30 mins. a day to complete the lessons.
  20. Make my Poinsetta rebloom to that gorgeous red colour.

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Karen said...

So remember to include me in 7&8 my friend;)!!!