Sunday, September 01, 2013

Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge | September

Hop on the band wagon and join Chantal  on the Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge for September 
1. Together: You could share a photo of you and someone, or two things that below together. Define this prompt as you please.
2. My name begins with: Choose something that begins with the same letter as your name, or find the letter your name starts with and shoot it.
3. Lines: Find lines in your travels today and shoot them. It could be stripes or power lines, or other lines.
4. Alone: Choose something that’s a little bit solo. Or perhaps it’s what you like to do when you’re alone?
5. Here forever: You should find something today that isn’t going anywhere. What’s here for always?
6. Getting ready: Is it a plane about to take off? You getting ready for the day?
7. White: Take a photo of something white. This is our charity prompt {details below}.
8. Made by me: Did you make dinner/lunch/breakfast? A craft? Art? Handywork? Anything?
9. On the wall: It could be artwork, a spider, a poster… anything!
10. Sweet: What a great excuse to indulge in a treat. Or take photos of kittens or cute kids.
11. What you did today: What did you do today? We want to see it.
12. Shadow: You know what a shadow is. Shoot it.
13. Unexpected: This one might be a bit tricky… but what’s unexpected? A little bit of graffiti? A letter in the mail? A sun shower on the perfect day?
14. Liquid: It could be the ocean, a drink, rain or something else.
15. Season: What season is it where you are right now? How can you show that in a photo?
16. Frame: You can take this as taking a photo of a frame {art, spectacles or otherwise} or you framing a photo in the photographic sense.
17. In front of me: What’s ahead of you? A person? A huge task? A great life?
18. Vintage: Find something with a little bit of history in it today. Or just visit your Nana and take a photo.
19. What is this?: This can be a cracker prompt. Why not take a photo of something and make it a mystery. Perhaps shoot something really close up so it’s not identifiable and then the community can guess what it is?
20. In the morning: Self-explanatory really. If you sleep in, you’re in trouble!
21. Rule of thirds: This is our photography lesson prompt. Keep an eye on my blog for a post teaching you how to achieve this.
22. Made me smile: What made you smile today? Shoot it and share it.
23. From my childhood: Find something from your childhood and share it.
24. Space: You could explore negative space, take a trip to the moon {kidding!} or shoot another interpretation of space.
25. H is for…: What starts with H that you see in your travels today?
26. Curve: Look for curves today, you might see them in buildings, on people… keep an eye out.
27. WTF?: What the f*&k? This prompt was suggested a few times. Interpret as you please. It could be something that makes you mad, makes you laugh or just makes you question life and ask, “What on earth?”
28. 10 o’clock: What are you doing at 10am or 10pm. Share it in a photo.
29. Gold: Shoot something gold today.
30. Found: What can you stumble across today? A stray coin? A feather floating by. Keep an eye out for something found.

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