Friday, December 06, 2013

FMS Photo A Day Challenge for December

Well we're on the home stretch for 2013, I haven't been very diligent with my Photo A Day postings but I will definitely try to get as many posts this month.  To join this challenge, follow Chantal's website Fat Mum Slim who is hosting this challenge.  It's available on FB, Blogger, Twitter, instagram.  

The Prompts for December are:

There are no rules when playing along with photo a day, you can be creative as you like! Interpret the prompt as you please. For those that need a little help, some more suggested details about each prompt are below:
1. Red: Find something red, snap it and share it. This is also our charity prompt for the month.
2. Where I stood: Where ever you are, we want to see it.  
3. Silver: Just like there’s a lot of red around, perhaps you’re seeing more silver too. Snap and share it.  
4. Tiny: Take a photo of something tiny, or perhaps go back to our perspective technique and make something LOOK tiny.  
5. In the cupboard: Perhaps you’ve hidden presents in the cupboard or want to show off your pantry. Any cupboard will do. Be creative. How can you make something so ordinary look more interesting?  
6. Shadow: Take a photo of a shadow.  
7. 6 o’clock: 6am or 6pm, take a photo of whatever you’re doing at that time.  
8. I shop here: Whether you’re buying gifts, or groceries – share where you shop.  
9. This is the weather today: What a fun way to see how the weather differs around the world. How’s the weather where you are today?
10. R is for…: Find something starting with R and share it.  
11. Green: Find something green today and share a photo of it.
12. Joy is…: What creates joy in your life? Share it.  
13. Composition: This is our photography technique post. Stay tuned for a post with details on how to achieve it!  
14. Drink: This time of year is all about eating, drinking and being merry, right? Share a drink photo.  
15. Lights: Share a photo of some lights.  
16. Makes you feel merry: What makes you feel happy? We want to see it.  
17. Tree: Whether it’s a Christmas tree, or a part of nature – we’d love to see your tree today.  
18. Big: Earlier in the month we shot tiny, now find something BIG to capture in a photo.  
19. ‘Tis the season to…: Dance? Eat? Give? Love? Laugh? What do you think?  
20. I’m listening to…: What can you hear right now?
21. On the door: Take a photo of something on a door.  
22. Sparkly: Twinkle, twinkle… can you show sparkly in a photo?  
23. Tradition: Show a tradition, whether it’s new or old, part of what your family does or something else.
24. Wrapped: Take a photo of something wrapped. It could be a burrito or a gift {or something else}. Easy!  
25. Best bit of your day: Merry Christmas to you {if that’s how you celebrate!}. Show me the best bit of your day today.
26. Where you slept: At this time of year lots of people travel or stay with family, so I thought it would be cool to see where everyone slept last night.
27. What you’re doing now: What are you doing today? Or even right now? Share it.  
28. Something awesome: Share something completely awesome.  
29. Reflect: Best bit of 2013: When you look back at the year gone by, what’s one of the best bits that happened? How can you share that in a photo?  
30. You: Let’s see one of your last selfies for 2013! Go on.
31. Celebrate: Hopefully you’re celebrating the end of a fab year and bringing in a new one. Show us how you’re celebrating.

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