Wednesday, January 01, 2014

FMS Photo A Day Jan 2014

Excited about the Jan 2014 FMS Photo A Day Challenge.    For more insight on how to play / join the Photo a Day Challenge, link to Chantal's FMS PHoto a Day.

Here are the prompts for Jan 2014

  1. LUNCH: Your plate, what you’re doing at lunchtime, where you are etc.
  2. BEGINS WITH G: Take a photo of anything starting with the letter G
  3. MY TOWN: A photo of something that represents where you live, where you grew up, or just a snapshot of a part of where you live.
  4. WORDS TO LIVE BY: Share words that you live by. You could write them and take a photo, take a photo of the words in a poster, or another way.
  5. FOUND: As you go about your day today take a photo of something you discover, or perhaps something you’ve found in the past.
  6. HAPPENS EVERYDAY: Take a photo of something that happens each day. Is it part of your routine? Or something special that seems to happen?
  7. UPSIDE DOWN: Take a photo of something upside down, or turn your phone upside down. Have fun!
  8. LUCKY NUMBER: What’s your lucky number? How can you be creative in taking your photo?
  9. NATURAL: Take a photo of something natural, created naturally.
  10. MAN-MADE: Take a photo of something made by man.
  11. LOOKING DOWN: Take a photo looking down from somewhere.
  12. COLOURFUL: Take a photo of something colourful.
  13. MAKES ME SMILE: What makes you happy? Take a photo of it.
  14. THREE THINGS: Take a photo of any 3 things. They might belong together or they might be totally random.
  15. BLACK + WHITE: This is our photography prompt for the month. I’ll share a little more soon on tips for black and white photography.
  16. SUN: Take a photo of the sun. Fingers crossed it comes out to play.
  17. TINY: Take a photo of something very small.
  18. HAPPY PLACE: Where do you like to go most? Share it with us.
  19. BREAKFAST: Take a photo of your breakfast, or where you were for breakfast time.
  20. TO DO LIST: Take a photo of something you need to do today. Or a series of photos in a collage perhaps?
  21. BLUE: Take a photo of something blue.
  22. NICE!: Take a photo of something nice.
  23. BEDTIME: Take a photo of bedtime, be it yours, your pets or your childs.
  24. YOUR SPACE: This could be your space at work, school, home or your bedroom.
  25. A TASTE OF SUMMER/WINTER: Show us what the season is like where you are.
  26. FUN STUFF!: A game, something that makes you laugh, drinks with friends, laughter…
  27. SOMETHING I BOUGHT: What’s something you purchased today or in the past. Perhaps it’s something big like a car, your house or something small like a packet of chewing gum.
  28. DINNER: We’ve done lunch and breakfast, now it’s time for dinner.
  29. WINDOW: Get creative for this one. Search for a window and take a photo. You could take a photo looking in, or looking out.
  30. BEST INVENTION EVER: What thing that’s been invented are you glad is here?
  31. POLKA DOT: Find something covered in spots and share it!

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