Monday, September 01, 2014

FMS Photo A Day - September 2014 List

I think the last time I participated in FMS Photo A Day was in January 2014.   Will try to play this month.


The prompts really are up to your own interpretation. 
1. In my cup Take a photo of what you’re drinking today. Share it.
2. Stripes Find something stripey and take a photo. Handy if you have a pet zebra!
3. Button It could be a button on your clothing, or a button you press. Snap it!
4. DIY What’s something you do yourself? Or something someone made for you.
5. Upside downTake a photo of something upside down. Or get upside down yourself to take a photo.
6. I need…What’s something you need. Not want, but need. Share it.
7. Father It’s Father’s Day in Australia, take a photo of your dad, or a dad in your life and share it. {Not in Australia, why not celebrate fathers anyway?!}
8. Broken One of my favourite past prompts. Take a photo of something broken.
9. Orange Find something orange in colour, or think literally and take a photo of an orange.
10. Repetition The recurrence of an event or action. How can you show how something repeats itself?
11. How I feel today Share how you feel today. Happy, sad, mad, hopeful?
12. Spring/Fall Share a little about what season it is where you are.
13. Out of place One of these things is not like the other – show something out of place
14. Healthy Share something healthy. Might be a good reason to go for a run! Or not.
15. Remember Share a memory, or something that creates memories for you. Or a method you use to remember things.
16. I don’t like… What’s something you don’t really like? Share it.
17. Key Share a photo of a key. Or perhaps you might think key means ‘something really important’. Either definition, share it.
18. Person You could take a selfie, or share a photo of someone you see today.
19. Even Even can mean something flat and smooth or something of equal value. How can you share that in a photo?
20. Beginning What’s something that’s just starting. It could be your day, or creating something.
21. Fave word What word do you really, really like? Share it.
22. Crisp If we’re talking about the weather, it’s a fresh and cool kinda day. If we’re talking about texture it’s something that’s dry and brittle.
23. Triangle Open your eyes today as you go about and see if you can find a triangle to share. If not, get creative and make one.
24. Loud It’s hard to portray sound in a photo, but have a think about how you can share loud in one picture. Perhaps it’s a bright print and that’s fashionably loud?
25. Angle Think about angles today. Will you take a photo of a sharp corner of a building? Or something else?
26. Best Take a photo of something that’s at it’s best.
27. Celebration So it’s not your birthday {or perhaps it is, happy birthday!} but what else are you celebrating in life today? A good night of sleep? Being alive? A clean house? Celebrate the small things.
28. Game Take a photo of a game or play today.
29. Wish What do you wish for? Or how do you wish? Share it.
30. Where I’m from Show us where you’re from.

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