Saturday, November 01, 2014

FMS Photo A Day - November 2014 Challenge


The prompts are just a guide to inspire you to take a photo each day. You can interpret them however you like. Be creative. Have fun. Some people like a little more guidance, so I’ve shared below what I was thinking when I created the list. Hopefully it helps you a little.
1. something blue
Take a photo of something blue. Anything! Hint: If you’re stuck, look at the sky.
2. i saw this!
What did you see today? Take a photo.
3. weather
What’s the weather like where you are? Share it.
4. can’t live without
What can’t you live without? Is it an addiction? A person? A comfort-thing?
5. 8 o’clock
Share what you’re doing at 8am or 8pm today.
6. made me smile today
What’s made you smile today? Share a photo of whatever it is.
7. on the floor
Look down. What’s on the floor? Your feet? Toys? A pathway? Share.
8. a place
This could be anywhere – where you go to relax, your work, your school, your home. Any place will do.
9. heck yes!
What won’t you say no to? Then it’s a heck yes! Take a photo of it.
10. i do this every day
What do you do every single day, or at least most days?
11. a set
A set of something {think knives, game pieces, tea set…}.
12. normal
Find beauty in the average/everyday. Share something that’s normal in your life.
13. letters
Letters are all around us everyday. Look at signs. Books. Your own writing.
14. for me
What’s something for you an no one else?
15. hot + cold
You can fit something hot and cold in one photo, or put two photos together using a collage.
16. after
After: in the time following. Have a think about what you do after something is done. After exercise you might throw off your shoes and collapse.
17. cooking
Just as it sounds. Show us what you’re cooking up. Or if you don’t cook, what someone else is cooking up.
18. i love this
What do you love? We want to see it.
19. whole
Not half or part, but whole. Photograph a whole thing.
20. bright
It means giving out or reflecting much light or intelligent and quick-witted. Choose!
21. shoes
Yep, those things that go on your feet. Take a photo. Try and be creative.
22. a favourite thing
A favourite mug, or book, or song, or person, or outfit, or anything. Choose one!
23. i made this!
What did you make? Share it.
24. i need to do this!
What’s on your to-do list?
25. time
Capture time. It could be a sunset {the day has passed}, a clock, or something else.
26. wall
This doesn’t have to be boring. Look around you for a creative wall. Or get out and explore.
27. i’m thankful for this…
Share what you’re grateful for.
28. black
Share something black in colour.
29. so, this happened
What happened today? Share a photo of it.
30. i bought this!
What have you bought recently? Share a photo.

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