Monday, December 01, 2014

FMS Photo A Day - December Photo a Day Challenge

December's FMS Photo a Day Challenge organized by Chantelle.The prompts are just a guide to inspire you to take a photo each day. You can interpret them however you like. Be creative. Have fun. Some people like a little more guidance, so I’ve shared below what I was thinking when I created the list. Hopefully it helps you a little.
1. fruit.  Take a photo of something fruity!
2. grass.  Head outside and take a photo. Get creative.
3. pop! Share a photo of pop! Could be a balloon popping, or champagne or something else. It’s not as hard as you think.
4. free. It could be something that costs nothing, or something that is unrestricted.
5. me. Yes, you. It could be an old photo, or a snap taken today. Or if you’re a little shy, share a bit of you, or something you made.
6. joy is… What’s joyful in your life? What brings you joy? Share it.
7. weekends are for…  What do you like to do on your weekends? Share a photo.
8. simple pleasure.  What simple thing makes you happy? Watching the sunrise? That first cup of coffee? Share it.
9. decoration.   Share a decoration, Christmas or otherwise.
10. closed door.   Sounds boring, right? Don’t let it be. Look for doors as you go about today. Get down low. Take a step back. Be creative.
11. something red.   Find something red and take a photo.
12. skyline.  Where ever you are today, take a photo of the skyline {where land/buildings/water etc meets the sky}.
13. much loved.  What’s something that’s been loved a lot? A toy, a piece of clothing? Or a place or food or person?
14. drink.  Cheers! Take a photo of a drink today.
15. super!.  Take a photo of something good, SUPER even!
16. beautiful. What’s beautiful in your life? Take a photo.
17. sunshine. Let’s hope the weather plays nice. Take a photo of sunshine.
18. sign. Take a photo of a sign, any sign.
19. something to be happy about.  What is something that makes you happy?
20. food.  Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Snack? Vegetables growing in your garden? Any food will do!
21. this is interesting. Take a photo of something that you find interesting.
22. ’tis the season to…It’s the season to, be merry? To make snow angels? To go to the beach? To shop? To be silly? Share whatever you like to do at this time of year.
23. tree. Take a photo of a tree. A Christmas tree if you celebrate it.
24. colour. Find the brightest colours you can today, and take a photo.
25. celebration. Take a photo of a celebration. Or if you’re not celebrating, share a photo of something really good {worth celebrating} in your life.
26. animal. A pet? A wild animal? Share it.
27. i like… What do you like? Share it.
28. book. A book, any book… take a photo and shate it.
29. i need less of this… What do you need less of? Tell us. Show us.
30. us. Us is one or more people. Take a photo.
31. my best bit of 2014. Look back on the past year and share your very best bit. Happy New Year’s Eve!
Let’s get crack-a-lacking!

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