Sunday, March 08, 2015

FMS Photo A Day | Week 11 - MARCH 2015

Chantal's FMS Photo a Day has changed a little bit but it's still the fun FMS Photo a Day Challenge.  Follow this link for the FMS - Shake Things Up 

Here is the prompt for   WEEK 11 | MAR | 2015
9. Make.  Get creative and make something today. Or share something you’ve made {or someone else has made}. Share!
10. Floral.  Yep, floral. Think flowers, beautiful flowers.
11. My happy place..Where’s your happy place? Share where you love to go. It could be your bed, a cafe,  somewhere you’ve traveled to.
12. Details.Share something with beautiful characteristics and features. Look around.
13. Colour.  Bright! Dull! Pastel! Rainbow! Find some colour {or color to some}, snap it and share it.
14. Favourite.  What’s your very favourite? It can be anything; a person, a shop, a tree, a place, a food, a book, a movie. You get the picture, anything!
15. Small.  Teeny. Itsy. Tiny. Not big. Take a photo and share it.

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