Saturday, November 28, 2015

Celebration of Life and Friendship!

My son best described this day - Sharon's Memorial Celebration, as "sexciting"....goodness no...nothing about sex.   It's about feeling sad for losing a friend and excited to see your friends and her family get together and celebrate her life.   Today, I wanted to celebrate a friend's life but I had mixed feelings about going to the memorial, so I must admit I took my time getting to the venue.  Why did I take my time, probably because it acknowledges the fact that she is truly gone.   Having her memorial a month later, meant we had a month to pretend that Sharon was just away in one of those Art Retreats only to be back for our dinner at our usual stomping ground at Bloor West Village.

It was a sweet and fitting memorial for our friend Sharon!  I heard stories about her that I never knew or she hasn't spoken of.   And stories I've heard countless times.    It made me teary eyed but it also made me smile because I know deep down she is smiling down at us.

RIP my friend - Sharon Ginsberg Oct 24, 2015.  Miss you!

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