Monday, May 09, 2016

One Thousand Gifts

I came across this One Thousand Gifts from FMS Photo A Day post. The idea came from a Book with the same title by Ann Voskamp.  It's how you can appreciate things, person and experience through your day to day. 

I know we tend to grumble and complain in the midst of deadlines and busy schedules but we're luckier than most and should be more gratelul for what we have.  I'm choosing to take this journey and challenge, so here goes.
  1. April 29.  My brother John is in town.  It's been awhile since he's been back in Toronto, as he resides in NJ.  Don't get me wrong, I saw him during Christmas but the fact that he is in town and having my two brothers, aunts and my family together.  It was a nice reunion.  Of course silly me....forgot to take photos.  Doh! These photos were taken on the last day of his stay in Toronto.  I wished that I took a photo with my brother Andy and John
  2. May 5| Spring Concert. The excitement of the students at RH McGregor is energizing.  Proud parents flock to school to see Their sons or daughters sing, play an instrument, dance or MC the concert.  It was truly a magical night.  
  3. May 6|.  Weather is beautiful.  Sun is out, it's a perfect Spring Day, I went for a walk around the neighbourhood, flowers are popping out; trees are starting to get their leaves and Danforth bustling with people. 
  4. May 7|. Celebrating Mother's Day at my in-laws.  I'm so lucky to have such a loving and caring Mother-in-law.  She's been a great help to Wallace and I by Taking care of Aidan after school, taking him to karate class, etc. She single handedly managed to declutter a 4-5 bedroom house, 2 storey house with basement and moved into their new condo with my father-in-law. I'm  hoping to have that strength and fortitude to do the same thing, later on.   She's a pillar of strength.
  5.  May 8|  It's Mother's day❤️ and I'm So lucky and happy to have my 10 year old miracle baby.  Love him to pieces.  This is my GQ son at two years oldHere's Aidan at 10. 
I truly  miss my mom but I know she would have spoiled him silly, if she had a chance.

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