Thursday, August 03, 2017

Kitchen and Bathroom Reno

On July 20,  Reno started.  Both excited and dreading the Reno.  Excited that we'll have a great kitchen at the end of Reno.  Dreading - not having kitchen and bathroom for six to eight weeks. Having to use our makeshift kitchen and 2nd bathroom in the basement.
Looking on the bright side of things, at least we don't have to go very far in the morning between kitchen and bathroom.  With the reno underway, I still have the tendencies to go to 2nd floor to for the washroom and main floor for kitchen but both met with void space😀
Kitchen have been gutted with the cabinets taken down; but the dumpster is scheduled on Mon, Jul 24th.  Dusty but dealing with it.  Living in basement and 2nd floor for next 6-8 weeks.  Finally got our routine in the morning.  It's like going away to a cottage glamping.



Aug 3 -  Walls are completely gone between kitchen and dining room.  Reno progressing well.