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At North York Music Festival

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Decluttering for the Lent

While I was perusing the internet for some ideas on what to do for Lent, I came across an article re;  40 amazing Ideas of Things to Declutter in Lent from your Home (&Life!).   What a brilliant idea!  So I adapted the idea and will be working to get 40 items out of the house during the Lent.

Wish me luck.   It shouldn't be hard to get this done....right?

I'll come back to this post and provide my reflection halfway and on Easter Day.

Lent - what it means to me?

During lent I used to give up things for Lent without really much thought, as to why I'm doing it.   In 2019, I've been doing a lot of reflecting to better myself.   What better way to achieve this by giving up things, as part of my quest to a better me, leading up to Easter to celebrate with family.

I've thought about giving up coffee, but i think it would be better to spare everyone from my Hyde self.  Possible vices to give up for 40 days: no junk foodno caramel machiattono sodaexercise everyday for 40 daysno clothes spending
Let the game begins.

March 7:  Did I take a bite more than I can chew.  A family size bag of Cheetos in the house, who dares buy this and bring it to the house.    I should just go to sleep, but I'm off to do my Yoga to destress from the day.   

On a good note....Aidan's hockey team won 3-1 against Vaughan Red.   My # one son was in the BOX when Vaughan Red got the goal.    And I bumped into a friend of mine from work, at the rink - her son Th…

Congrats Leaside Minor Bantam Red!

SELECT: LEASIDE INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT - CONGRATS MINOR BANTAM RED! Another win under their belt for 2018-2019 season.  Awesome teamwork and way to protect the goalie and net.
Final score 3-1 against Port Credit Storms.

Congratulations to our Minor Bantam Red team, who won the Markham Waxers Showdown Early Bird Tournament earlier this month. Well done team! High Five!

Kumihimo Braiding with Dazzle It Disk

This year my goal is to create something from my existing stash of art supplies weekly. And when I say I have a stash of art supplies - it basically means, I have ample inventory that I  can easily open an online store to sell Scrapbook / rubberstamping / beading supplies.

This week I chose my hemp cords, leather cords and beads using them with my Kumihimo Dazzle It disk.   This was given to me by my friend Carmi and it’s been in my drawer for a few years collecting dust.  These are a few of the braids created with the Kumihimo disk.  I know there are Bobbins that’s used for beads and cords to not tangle but I forego these bobbins.

Tranzac Holiday Gift Fair

Will be at the Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick Ave. Toronto, Ontario M5S 2M7 on Sunday, Dec 9 @noon to 6pm to sell Coasters, Cards and Earrings.

Art Resin | Alcohol Ink Coasters

My first crack at using ArtResin -
High-gloss epoxy resin clear coat that makes pieces POP while protecting them.Resin generally intimidates me, I used a resin product called Envirotex a couple of years ago for some pendants and the results were not that great, some pendants resulted in being sticky and tackiness.   

When I saw ArtResin at Deserres, I was sceptical and didn't buy it until a few more visits later.  I bought a small packet of  2oz sampler.   It worked well on my first attempt, although I have to apply a little more on a batch, as I applied it unevenly. One good thing about ArtResin is it is odourless -(compared to Envirotex's overpowering smell).  I highly recommend ArtResin for its ease of use and odourless.