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Reflection of 2008

This year has been a very busy year at home and challenging year at work with staff reductions and training/outsourcing to India.

2008 ended with a nice visit from my brother and his family and some health issues with my family. 2009 is going to be a another long and challenging year. Braising myself.

But on the lighter and brighter side, I did accomplish some things.
Accomplished in 2008Lose 10-12lbs from 156lbs.Done - June 30.Worked out on a regular basis. Two or three times week. - Jan 1, 2008: Joined the Oxygen Fitness at work and have been going to the classes twice a week).Eat Right - follow Weight Watcher's philosophy (Started on Weight Watchers on Feb 14).Cleanup and box up my art supplies, as part of the basement Renovation. (Done - Jan 12, 2008).As of Nov 2008, all boxes are in storage.Renovate Basement - create recreation room and workshop area. (Started - Jan 13 and put in storage locker onDec 20, 2008)I would have to say that Wallace did all the work on the Basement r…

All Quiet at Wong's House

My brother and his family left a couple of hours ago for New Jersey; it's all quiet at our place except for Aidan's narration while playing with his ark.
It was nice having my brother and his family over for Christmas.  It brought some comfort, joy and a big smile on my two aunts' face; while they stay at their sister's side at the hospital, day after day.

Constructing the Medieval Castle and Noah's Ark

Aidan was showered with lots of toys this year.  Michelle and Wallace helped built the Medieval Castle and Noah's Ark.  It's a good thing that Wallace finished the basement.

Boxing Day Mayhem

My sister-in-law, niece and I braved the Boxing Day crowd at the Eaton's Centre.  It was mayhem, we ended up going to Indigo, the Bay, Soft Moc and Kernel's after two and a half of shopping.
I ended up buying a pair of much needed Cougar boots.  Two of pair of boots were leaking in water that the last week of snowfall, I ended up with soaked socks.  This is just going from the car to the destination.
I also bought a cookbook; a knight and princess for Aidan's Medieval castle.

Boxing Day Gathering

After a shopping at Eaton's Centre and visiting my aunt at the hospital, we went over to my in-laws for Christmas celebration.
It was excellent food; lots of gifts and great company had by all. 

Christmas Day!

We had a nice family Christmas dinner at our place although we were missing my aunt and brother during this Christmas celebration.

(This was taken by Aidan with the self-timer)

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

What is keeping me sane this time of the year is Family, Hope and Faith. 

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Last Minute Baking

My friends and I baked on Dec 7 but the batch of cookies disappeared before Christmas.  So, Michelle (my niece) and I stayed up the last two nights baking cookies.   
Hmmm. Yummy!

NJ Family Arrived Last Night - Hooray!

I forgot my brother told me that he was coming on Sunday instead of Saturday.   They ran into snowstorm in Utica, NY but arrived in Toronto at 10:30 PM, very hungry.
I'm so happy to see them!

ATC Night at Bizzy B

I went to ATC night on Friday, Dec 12 - but didn't exchange any ATC(s). I've been so busy getting ready for the show on Dec 6 that I didn't feel like doing any ATC(s). There were some really nice ATC(s), which I traded my ornaments.

Although I did get to trade an ornament and received a wonderful depiction of "winter wonderland" in a glass ornament made by Kimberly. It's awesome.

NJ Family Arriving Today

This is the latest I've been awake since last Saturday. I've been crashing after my visits with my aunt at the hospital. I'm looking forward to seeing my brother, sister-in-law and niece. Hopefully, the ride from NJ to TO is not a rough one. I heard that the Niagara Peninsula received a lot of snow compared to TO.

Hoping and praying for my Aunt Gloria's recovery

It's been a week since my Aunt Gloria has been in the hospital. She fell down a few steps in the basement and was rushed to emergency. Thinking of her and hope she recovers.

I keep thinking how much fun she had with Aidan when we visited her last time.

Baking Day with Friends

It was a busy weekend, Saturday I spent day at the Zion Church for the Jolly Christmas Craft Sale and Sunday was baking day at my friend's place.
We managed to bake four different cookies, but some ended up very crispy.  That's what happens when you put five girls together in a kitchen, talking while baking.
Here's a shot that is a history making, Dani baking.  I think Anna created a monster by the end of the day because she was designing the Christmas tree with alternate colours.

The three amigos.

More Birthday Celebration

Today is one of my aunt's birthday. She is celebrating her 85th birthday. Here she is having a ball with Aidan, when we were over for a visit a few weeks ago...for another b-day celebration.

Here's my other aunt who celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago.

One Month and Birthday Celebration

Tyler and Jason celebrated 4th birthday and one-month, a few weeks ago.   

Here are all the kids singing Happy Birthday and waiting for the birthday boy to blowout the candle.

Aidan just had to be part of it.  You can see Aidan behind the chair, trying to sneak in between Tyler and the cake, to blowout the candle.  I didn't get to take an actual shot because I was laughing uncontrollably.

All I can hear Aidan say is "I'm going to help blow the candle", as he started walking towards the cake.

Scotiabank Childrens' Holiday Party

Wallace's company had a Childrens' Holiday Party a few weeks ago at the Direct Energy building.  Aidan didn't like the Theme slides but he did like this bike ride and bee ride.   While riding the bike, he almost ran over the volunteers and bumped into the other kids but he had a grand ole time.   He also liked the basketball and baseball game.   Surprisingly, he didn't freak out when he saw Santa Claus.  He actually gave him a hug.

He met up with his cousin Charlie, whose mom also worked at Scotiabank.   

Jolly Christmas Craft Sale

Today was the Jolly Christmas Craft Sale at the Zion Church Cultural Centre.  I did really well with the sale, considering the snowy weather and low traffic flow.   Everyone did a fantastic job producing their art.    It's amazing at the amount of talent in my circle of friends.