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A Day at the Marathon

Arriving at the Queen and Bay, you can feel the surge of excitement amongst the families and friends of the marathoners.  You can't help but cheer for all the runners that have reached the last 100m (left marker). They can be runners who are sprinting; runners who are limping; runners whose face is in agony.   You just can't help but cheer them on, whether they hear you or not.

Aidan took some pictures while waiting for dad at Queen and Bay, here's one of them.

Wallace reaching the last 100m of the marathon.

One thing Aidan couldn't wait to do was hop onto Wallace's shoulder.

Wallace finished the marathon (42km=26mi.) in 4:41:23.

Congratulations!  I'm so proud of you.

Cheering Wallace for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Tomorrow is the big day, Sunday, Sept 27 for Wallace who will be doing the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (42km).  He's been training in the last year and I'm really proud of him for setting a goal to do the marathon.  Aidan and I will be there to cheer him on at the finish line (Queen and Bay).    I think my brother-in-law is planning to cheer him on along Lakeshore.

I know you'll do well, Aidan and I will meet you at the finish line.

Joined at the to speak

Aidan just came back from his friend's birthday party at Playground Paradise.  It's a nice facility, a city run facility where there's jungle gym; slide..etc for kids to play, like an indoor playground, with party rooms.

Aidan and his friend have been hanging around during the summer and created some kind of a bond.  The key words that seems to be prevalent in their vocabulary these days are the following words:  "can xxxxx come over and play?"

You would think that after two hours of playtime in Playground Paradise would be enough, the kids just surprises you about wanting to spend more time together.  After the birthday party, Aidan was so happy and excited about the loot bag he received and being invited to the party, he invited his friend to come over and play.  Seems like this two are joined at the hips.

Showered wtih kindness

I had fantastic belated birthday dinner with friends at our favorite spot.  I was also showered with wonderful gifts.  Thanks a bunch for dinner and the gifts.

I made it home in time to read one of Aidan's favourite books - Curious George and tucked him to bed.  I also told him about girls' night out and he updated me with his day in school with Sophie, Patrick and Swiss Chalet dinner.  Sounds like everyone had a good night.

Volunteering Time for Aidan's school

Well I just volunteered to help out at Aidan's school event for October 24, 2009 - Fall Fair.  Save this date, if you're in the area, come join the Fall Fair.  

Whatever possessed me?  Well,  I guess I want to be more involved with what is going in Aidan's school and help raise the funds that the school needs, so that Aidan can have a better school experience.   I figured, if I can spend time volunteering for SOS Club, I can certainly put the time in to volunteer for Aidan's school, which will be home for him for the next 7 years.  

"Need to make a better place for you and me."

JDRF - Juvenille Diabetes Research

Everyone has their own charity to support and help raise funds. Wallace participates in the JDRF ride because Scotiabank is one of the top fundraisers and it Scotiabank employees are solicited to participate because of it's location.

Way to go Wallace....hope you meet your goal.

Alphabet Geographic Travel Tag Exchange

Lately, I haven't been joining any card or tag swaps in the SOS Club I've been a member for years.  This summer, I decided to join the Alphabet Geographic Travel Tag Swap.  I know it's a mouthful.   I chose the letter E, not by choice.  By the time I joined the exchange it was slim pickings.   I'm surprised E was not chosen, because I thought of Egypt, instantaneously.
Here's my tag:
I used this tissue paper I bought years ago from Deserres with the Egyptian image.Stamped a hieroglyphic tablet and Nefertiti image on shrink plastic with Stazon ink; coloured the Nefertiti image with gold ink; robin's nest blue and red.  Took a white cardstock, cut it to size and printed the word EGYPT.I had fun doing this, it was a good challenge.

Thank you for your support for the Terry Fox Run

It was a beautiful sunny day and a perfect way to spend the morning and afternoon outdoors.   We completed the Terry Fox Run this afternoon at Wilket Creek Park with my hubby, Aidan and last minute addition to our team, my friend Ana who joined us for the event. 
Thank you for your support and pledge to the Terry Fox Run.  I was able to surpass my goal of $500.00 this year and raised $715.00.  Without your help, I would not have been able to keep Terry Fox's dream to raise fund for cancer research.

Smiling Again!

Tuesday was definitely a great day.  Aidan started JK and he certainly did better done me (I almost cried but restrained myself).   My little baby!!!

My two gorgeous guys
Okay, it wasn't that bad, but I can't believe that he is four and going to JK.   All the kids were soooo cute sitting around the story time carpet listening to the teacher.  And here he is painting a masterpiece.

The school started out with a bang...or was that with a bagpipe.   They had a little parade around the school, with the principal and the bagpiper leading the march.

After the Open house at Aidan's school, I went to the dentist to get my tooth fixed, it was done in less than an hour.  Another reason to be smiling.

Last Adventures Before School

Aidan started JK this week and we were able to have some great adventures before school started.   We ventured to Marineland and fed deers (or was it more of swarmed by deers).   Everyone loves Marineland, including Aidan.   He even love the theme song and sings along whenever it comes on the radio.
A visit to Niagara Falls, ON is not complete until you actually visit the Falls.  We weren't sure whether Aidan would be awake by the time we drove from Marineland to the Falls because he was starting to doze off.   But he managed to master some energy long enough to see the Falls and have some popcorn.

Aidan is definitely a water baby, he loves water and it certainly reflected on the rest of the weeks adventure.....swimming in the outdoor pool (at Stan Wadlow); playing in the front yard with the sprinkler; playing at the splash pad and more swimming in the indoor pool.  He just can't get enough of it.

All I Want Is My Front Tooth

While eating dinner tonight my front tooth broke off my implant post.  It's more of an annoyance to get it fixed and I will be definitely self-conscious about smiling or talking for that matter.  Hmm.  It doesn't help that Aidan's school has an Open House and Orientations scheduled this week, where the parents are invited for two mornings this week.  How embarrassing?  I guess I'll just have to suck it up!

A funny thing during dinner...When my tooth fell off, 5 mins. later, Aidan was mocking me by taking piece of corn in his mouth and pretending that the corn was a tooth and it fell out of his mouth.  I almost fell off my chair when I saw him do it and started laughing my head off.   I wonder where he got his sense of humor.    The night went on, with further tooth related jokes both from Wallace and Aidan.  How nice is that?

Terry Fox Run (MDW's Family)

On Saturday, Sept 13, Wallace, Aidan and I will be participating in the Terry Fox Run, a 10km run / walk.  As a family, we try to participate in the Terry Fox Run every year, to raise funds for cancer research and to keep Terry Fox's dream alive. This is also in loving memory of my dad who died of brain cancer.

My goal is to collect a total of $500.00 pledge.  All money raised goes to cancer research.  Please support us on our fight for cancer and help us raise funds for Terry Fox Run (a  great cause).  Kindly support my team by clicking on my link - MDW's Family and sponsor my team.

Thank you in advance for your contribution / participation.

Lets Go To The Ex!

Oh baby...
We started the day with dim sum, we met Yeye, Ama and Popo because they missed Aidan.  Afterwards we went to the Ex.  We had loads of fun trying to win the big stuffed animals, Aidan was the lucky one, winning a couple of stuffed toys from the fishing game.  We ate lots of food (ice cream, corn dogs....),  my favourite was the Philippine Deli's Lumpiang Shanghai and Toron.   Aidan was the courageous one who went on rides, while Mom swears never to go on the kiddie ride with Aidan (if it's the last thing she does).  I was black and blue from the Dragon roller coaster and could have sworn that the coaster was going to topple over its side, while she was in it.

Aidan would have loved the Lego station at Kid's World but he got preoccupied playing in the playground and covered himself with sand from the waist down.

And also got this cool tattoo from the Fire station.