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One World, One Heart - Join me in the Magic Carpet Ride


One World One Heart was an ingenious idea created by Lisa Swifka in 2007.  It has become an annual event, where bloggers come together and meet.  It's an amazing way to discover, explore and get inspired by other artists, meet new blogger friends and a chance to win prizes by visiting participants' blogs.  So far there are 906 participants and counting.

Needless to say, I got swept off my feet by the Magic Carpet and joined the ride.  I've been riding since it started on Jan 25th from one blog to another.  Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting.   Here's your chance to win one of four prizes:

Prize # 1 - Altered Books Material Guide

Prize # 2 - Altered Book kit (incl. Claudine Helmuth's paint; Delta Paint, ephemera and a hardcover book)

Prize # 3 - Cigar Box / Collage kit

Prize # 4 - Peyote Stitch bracelet w/ magnetic closure.

To be eligible, you must have an active blog and leave a comment on my post (please leave your email address or blog).  I will take entries until 6pm Toronto time (Eastern Standard Time) on February 15-- and the winner will be picked  randomly using a random number generator.    

Winners will be announced on Feb 16. 
Good Luck!

Please come back and visit me again, thanks for dropping by!

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OWOH 2011 - Final one!


Welcome to my blog entry for the OWOH - One World One Heart Event where bloggers get to meet new friends, renew friendship and get inspired.  I live in Ontario, Canada.  I'm a mixed media artist and love to create with different media.  I love making cards, creating beaded jewelry; journaling and taking photographs. I'm a night owl and do most of my work at night when my little guy is asleep.   I also teach at a local rubberstamp and scrapbook store.  My hubby is very patient with my abundance of art supplies, packed in the basement.   My little guy is also very creative and I try to post his creation on my blog.  I have a black cat - Minx who adopted us six years ago.

To all my last years blogger friends and new friends, thanks for joining One World One Heart.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy this magical experience.
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In Dulegaya, the Guna's native language, "mola" means "shirt" or "clothing". The mola originated with the tradition of Guna women painting their bodies with geometric designs, using available natural colors; in later years these same designs were woven in cotton, and later still, sewn using cloth bought from the European settlers of Panamá.[2].

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