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Bizzy B's Annual Second-Hand Stamp and Scrap Sale

Bizzy B’s Annual Second-hand Stamp and Scrap Sale

Date:Saturday, February 25, 2012 @10:00am – 3:00pm

Location: Bizzy B Stamp and Scrap Store, 2100 Bloor St. West

Buy or sell, this is a sale event you wouldn't want to miss. Bargains Galore! Save the date! Do you have supplies that you no longer want or need? • It's easy as 1-2-3, start collecting those 2nd hand rubberstamps, scrapbooking materials (except for scrapbook paper), tools, books and magazines that you no longer need. Pick up a kit (incl. labels, inventory tracking), you set the price, drop-them off at the store and we'll sell them for you. At the end of the sale, what ever you sell, you will receive a store credit at Bizzy B.

Are you new at stamping and scrapping or looking for supplies? • Second Hand sale is a great way to get great bargains on rubberstamps, scrapbooking materials, tools, books and magazines.

Registration Fee of $5for vendor is applicable. Receive a vendor kit to sell your stuff which includes cove…

Organizer Bag

Taking a Sewing Class is one of the things in my list of 46 Things To Do Before Turning 47.   I finished  the three day sewing class with Susan at Wise Daughters Market today. I can't believe I actually made this bag. Love this fabric!!

Five Faves Friday! Children's Animated Movies

For Martha's Five Faves Friday - Children's Animated Movies I chose the following Children's Movies:

Drawing Lab 1: Cats in Bed

I borrowed this Drawing Lab book from the library a few months ago and created my quick images of cats.

Pop-out Cards

One of my pop-out cards made during my class Tuesday night.

Geisha Girl (Cold Laminate Technique)

This one I made during my Asian Inspired Art workshop. Applied Peatl Ex and Gold leafing.

Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Dragon!

Kung Hei Fat Choi! (may prosperity be with you)

Sketchbook Challenge (Patterns)

Something therapeutic about doodling.

Five Fave Fridays! Movies

Here are my All Time Movie Faves.  It's timeless and I can watch it over and over again.
You've Got Mail (Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks)Kate and Leopold (Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman)Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford)The Green Mile (Tom Hanks)Star Wars (Episodes IV, V, VI) How can I forget Harry Potter Series; Pride and Prejudice (Greer Garson and Laurence Oliver); Little Women (June Allyson; Elizabeth Taylor and Margaret O'Brien).

Birds Rule The Sky

Aidan's drawing today with hawks; helicopter and airplanes.   He even came up with the phrase considers it "title of the book".

Sewing 101

I'm surprised that I actually remember how to use a sewing machine.   I'm taking a sewing class at Wise Daughters Craft Market.  I have two 3hr classes to go.

Yesterday, this is what we to sew curves and actually sew a bird ornament and started a heart cushion.

Pies and Tarts Workshop

I took the workshop at St. Lawrence Market Kitchen last Saturday.   The St Lawrence Market Kitchen was very impressive.   I heard that you can rent the kitchen for function (ie. b-day party; anniversary..etc). 

It was an awesome class.  I learned some great tips for handling and making pastry dough; met some great chefs.

Pizza 101

Here's Aidan making Pizza last Saturday night.  He was inspired to make a pizza when the Pizza Nova rep came into his school.  They made a fake pizza.

Five Fave Fridays - My "Go To" Art Books

Courtesy of Martha Brown, she does Five Fave Fridays and this week's Fave - My "Go To" Art Books.  I have a stash of Books that it would be embarrassing to mention all, so I'm glad to limit it to Five.
Surface Treatment Workshop by Darlene Olivia McElroy and Sandra Duran Wilson (Search inside this book)
Making Handmade Books by Alisa Golden 

Rubber Stamped Jewelry by Sharilyn Miller (Search Inside this book)
Artists' Journals & Sketchbooks Exploring and Creating Personal Pages by Lynne Perrella (Search inside this book)
Drawing Lab for mixed media artist by Carla Sonheim (Search inside this book)

Sketchbook Challenge: Boxes

Love the idea of doodling boxes stacked up.

Journal Night: Quotes to Live By

I also went to the first Journal Night for 2012, tonight at Bizzy B and had a good night sharing our Quotes to Live By.  We were also treated with some yummy treats made by Kelly - Cookies and Brownies.

My Journal Page for "Quotes to Live By" can be found on my previous entry on Jan 1, 2012.


Well it's first day back to work today, after two weeks of vacation.   I had a chance to work on some backgrounds during the holidays.  I haven't quite decided what to use it for or what the finished product will be.

Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

We don't watch movies at the theatre, that often anymore, but we went on a double date yesterday to watch Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

The IMF is shut down when it's implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization's name.

Lots of action, some very far fetch scenario, but that's what I like about it.  It's a great escape, if you want to watch an action movie.  I like Simon Pegg and thought he was funny, as ever.  I watched him for the first time in a movie called Run Fatboy Run.

I give this movie two thumbs up.

Sketch BookX

I found this app for sketching on the iPad. Just fooling around with it.  This is using a mirror image feature on the app.

Sketchbook Challenge: Doodle Art (Yoga)

I'm not much into Yoga, but I went to an hour class last night with a friend.   I have to admit, I felt good after doing the Yoga, the ball of my foot that's been sore for over a month, feels much better, I feel stretched and flexible.  I just might try a few more classes.

Sketchbook Challenge: Get Your Doodle On

Joined the Sketchbook Challenge, the theme for January is Doodle Art:

Will the Real Celebrant Please Stand Up?

It was Wallace's birthday today.   We went to Playdium to celebrate. I made some Spicy Baby Back Ribs and Double Chocolate Brownies with ice cream for dessert.    But who is really celebrating today?

Strive to Improve

This year I'm going to focus and strive to improve on a couple of things.

Strive to Improve my Well Being by exercising well, eating well and sleeping well.   I didn't really try my best in 2011 to lose the weight I've regained; didn't find time to exercise (found a lot more excuses not to....) and get  a good 7-8 hours of sleep (which I've been accomplishing in the last three months).

Strive to Save Money and Improve my Spending Habits.  This meansless spending on Art supplies and magazines (heaven knows I have a storage full of supplies) in the basement.   Less spending on clothes, until I've lost my ultimate weight goal.  Ways I can accomplish this would be to:
To participate in the 2nd Hand Sale at Bizzy B where I get a store credit.Really use all my art supplies before buying anything new.Really use found objects for my art.Have been using the library, so I'm not buying books and magazines.Perhaps I can trade books or magazines.

A Year at a Glance 2011

Accomplished in 2011
Read more. Have been reading Kathy Reich's series. Lots to read for 2011, Wicked, Harry Potter Series, Chronicles of Narnia and other books in my I Plan to Read bookshelf).
Blog regularly in 2011 (Especially more on art stuff). Learn how to use my Nikon D90 camera. Have been taking online Manual Mode classes and taking more photos manually. Nov 30.  Taking photos for my son's school yearbook.
Continue the annual tradition to Run the Terry Fox Run (10km). Completed Sept 18. Thanks for your contribution.
Take Ice Skating Lessons. Started class on Jan 10, 2011. Took 2nd skating class on April 2011 for 9 weeks. Take classes at Mixed Media Minded 2011. Enjoyed the classes at Mixed Media Minded weekend.
Take a trip (to Madrid to visit my niece in the summer, Orlando, Florida or on a Cruise). March 19: Back from Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios Resort)
Three month hiatus on buying arts and crafts supplies and magazines. Jan 18: Already broke down and bought t…