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Dazzle-It Rings Blog Hop - My Green & Yellow Ring

In one of my previous entry, I indicated that I received a candy of goodies from Carmi (courtesy of John Bead Corp, consisting of a variety of Dazzle-it beads, beading needle, and rings by Giovanna.

There's a Dazzle-It Ring Blog Hop hosted by Carmi to showcase all the fine creations.  

had a blast making this ring. It's been awhile since I've done peyote stitch and I had to restart a couple of times but finally got the hang of it.  

This is my finished product of Green and Yellow "Sinuous" Ring that came with the package.

I'm already thinking of doing a circular tube peyote ring. Will post it once I finish it. I think I found my new calling. But oh my aching eyes.

At 12:16am,  made two additional rings with Dazzle-it beads.

check out the dazzle-it blog hop
and all the participants
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Very nice. The black trim (is that picot stitch? I'm a newbie) reminds me of fleur de lis. I love the contrast that creates.
Tammy Powley said…
You sound like me. On right is not enough!
Cyndi L said…
Such a smart color combo!!
the black really finishes it off and makes it look regal, wonderful work!
Carmi Cimicata said…
Marissa, I was so pleased you could join in on this blog hop! I am particularly satisfied to see that you had a little time to even make a few more rings!
MarissaDW said…
Eileen...yes that's a picot stitch.

thanks all for stopping by my blog. I really had fun doing the rings.

Carmi...thanks for sending the goodies. Couldn't let them go to waste, so I had to create multiple rings. I'll make some more....maybe matching bracelets....once I find some time. The beads are raring to be made. LOL!

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