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Showing posts from February, 2017

The Oscars

Watching the Oscars.  Great time to do some journaling, too.

Inspiration From Record Albums

I went to a record store on Danforth tonight while Aidan was in swimming.  I spent some time perusing the record albums and admiring the Artwork on cover.  I've forgotten how the albums got so artistic.  I quite miss it.   Here's a Cindy Lauper Album cover.

During my walkabout tonight, I was walking back to the pick up Aidan, I almost got sprayed by a skunk.  I originally thought it was a black cat, until I saw the white stripe slowly coming up.   I hightailed it across the street but got stalked a few steps later by the same creature. Luckily it disappeared in the dark.

FMS Photo A Day | February and January Collage

Here's my January 2017 Collage.   I quite enjoyed taking the photos  based on January prompts and was able to keep up and take photos everyday.  Hoping to do the same thing for February.

This is the February prompt from Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day.  Some interesting prompts for Feb.