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Art Resin | Alcohol Ink Coasters

My first crack at using ArtResin -
High-gloss epoxy resin clear coat that makes pieces POP while protecting them.Resin generally intimidates me, I used a resin product called Envirotex a couple of years ago for some pendants and the results were not that great, some pendants resulted in being sticky and tackiness.   

When I saw ArtResin at Deserres, I was sceptical and didn't buy it until a few more visits later.  I bought a small packet of  2oz sampler.   It worked well on my first attempt, although I have to apply a little more on a batch, as I applied it unevenly. One good thing about ArtResin is it is odourless -(compared to Envirotex's overpowering smell).  I highly recommend ArtResin for its ease of use and odourless.

Canada Contemporary Showcase 2018

This week is Canada Contemporary Showcase from Nov 19 to 23 at RCM.  Aidan participated in the event,  playing Jig by Violet Archer and Maple Bay at Twilight by Stephen Chatman.  Nancy Telfer was the adjudicator and provided constructive feedback to each Intermediate pianists.  I'm so proud of Aidan participating in this event.  He started learning these pieces in September.  This is the 2nd year he participated in this event.

Here are some info on the above Canadian composers:

Violet Archer was a Canadian composer, teacher, pianist, organist and percussionist.  Born in Montreal, Quebec in 1913.  Born Violet Balestreri changed their name to Archer in 1940.   She died in Ottawa on Feb 21, 2000.She wrote more than 280 compositions.

Stephen Chatman"One of Canada's most prominent composers, Stephen Chatman, Professor of Composition at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver since 1976, is the first Canadian ever short-listed in the BBC Masterprize international competition…