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At North York Music Festival

Aidan participated in the NYMF this year and received a certificate for A Faded Letter. Congratulations Aidan! Always Hard at Work! Thanks to his terrific Piano Teacher @natashafinlay who motivates, encourages and supports him at every opportunity.

So very proud of my No.1 Son😀


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Kumihimo Braiding with Dazzle It Disk

This year my goal is to create something from my existing stash of art supplies weekly. And when I say I have a stash of art supplies - it basically means, I have ample inventory that I  can easily open an online store to sell Scrapbook / rubberstamping / beading supplies.

This week I chose my hemp cords, leather cords and beads using them with my Kumihimo Dazzle It disk.   This was given to me by my friend Carmi and it’s been in my drawer for a few years collecting dust.  These are a few of the braids created with the Kumihimo disk.  I know there are Bobbins that’s used for beads and cords to not tangle but I forego these bobbins.

Dazzle-It Rings Blog Hop - My Green & Yellow Ring

In one of my previous entry, I indicated that I received a candy of goodies from Carmi (courtesy of John Bead Corp, consisting of a variety of Dazzle-it beads, beading needle, and rings by Giovanna.

There's a Dazzle-It Ring Blog Hop hosted by Carmi to showcase all the fine creations.  
I had a blast making this ring. It's been awhile since I've done peyote stitch and I had to restart a couple of times but finally got the hang of it.  
This is my finished product of Green and Yellow "Sinuous" Ring that came with the package.

I'm already thinking of doing a circular tube peyote ring. Will post it once I finish it. I think I found my new calling. But oh my aching eyes.
At 12:16am,  made two additional rings with Dazzle-it beads.

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20 Ordinary Things to Do in 2013

These are my 20 Ordinary Things to Do in 2013....something I came across from Chantelle's website "Fat Mum Slim"
Improve my Well Being by exercising well, eating well and sleeping well. To lose the 10 lbs.; continue to exercise and get a good 7-8 hours of sleep (which I've been accomplishing in the last three months). Get Creative by creating something every month. Focus on a project each month, using my existing art supplies. Try a New Recipe. Lots of recipe books collecting dusts, so each week, I strive to pick a new recipe from my recipe books, try it and post it on MDW's Kitchen. Read a Book. Joined What's in the Name? and will continue to read the Kathy Reich's books, to catch up with the series. Put aside $3/ a day.... for a rainy day or investment.   Improve my Spending Habits. This means